How should you prepare for your upcoming San Diego move?

This depends on which type of service you are needing. The majority of people pack their own belongings prior to moving day. In that case, that day we have planned for Moving Services only, and our crews intend on going in and having everything prepped for their arrival so that they may tackle large items and boxes, as well as, items that are in a state of being “ready to be moved”. Specifically, this includes: All boxes being packed and sealed with tape on the top and the bottom, electronics removed from entertainment centers and TV stands, as well as, dressers and anything with drawers being emptied out and packed into sealed boxes. Furthermore, all appliances need to be disconnected such as refrigerators that have water lines connected, water lines from washers, gas lines from dryers, and any type of propane tank from outdoor heaters and barbecue grills. We also require that barbecue grills be cleaned out and grease cans or traps be removed. Additional information can be found on the Moving Advisor section of our website.

When is the ideal time to move?

Speaking in terms of which dates are best for moving, weekdays are typically better time to move as the majority of people work on the weekdays. For this reason most Moving Companies charge a cheaper Weekday Rate vs. a higher Weekend Rate. At Aloha Movers, we keep our rates low every day of the week and don’t raise our prices on the weekend so that our customers can keep your costs down.

When speaking in terms of price, moving has a tendency to fall on the weekends as the vast majority of people are typically not working, and can only make the time needed available to complete such a project then. That’s ok because we do not change the price on the weekends.

Seasonally, summer time is the peak season for moving. Busy months generally start in April and last throughout September.

What type of advanced notice is needed for a move?

It is suggested by the powers that be that moves in the State of California be scheduled at least 3 days in advance. This does not always happen but there are multiple reasons for the 3 day advanced notice rule of thumb. Most importantly, availability. Secondly, most 3rd-party insurance companies require policies to be set up no less than 3 days prior to moving day. This ensures that they have your inventory on file and your policy active. And thirdly, adequate time to pack is critical and creating a cost effective moving scenario that both meets the expectations set at the time of booking your move and our projected time for completion.

Aloha Movers is open 7 Days per week and can be available at last minute if the man power and resources are available. We treat every project individually and have a proven track record of coming up with creative solutions to accommodate our customers. We do this while maintaining their best interests for a safe, efficient, and cost effective move.

Do we charge additionally for anything?

Aloha Movers does not have any hidden charges; however there are a couple of select items we do charge additionally for. These items are pianos, gun safes, pool tables, sub-zero refrigerators, and for any type of balcony hoisting. All of these things are within reason and sanctioned by the Public Utilities Commission in the Maximum Rate 4 Tariff or Max-4 Tariff Rules and Regulations for Moving Used Household Goods and Personal Effects within California.

Additional items – If you have additional items on top of your original inventory of items we were scheduled to move, though we do not mind at all, please understand that this takes additional time to do and therefore a “Change of Service Order” will need to be signed to ensure that you understand it will cost more. We do a walkthrough of every move when we arrive and we will go over the inventoried items and discuss the logistics of your needs.

Additional Services – Should you request additional services such as unpacking or extra deliveries, then additional charges will apply.

Does the truck come with the service?

We are a full-service San Diego moving company. You will receive the peace of mind of having a Licensed, Insured, and Bonded Southern California Premier Moving company, 1, 2, 3, or 4 fully-equipped moving trucks, with dollies, large appliance moving equipment, furniture wrap, and Furniture Pads to protect your items during transit. Each truck contains ample pads, blankets and straps to protect your unwrapped furniture items during transit as well. We keep our fleet clean and tidy, and believe that our image is reflected in how we keep our equipment. Our trucks use an air-ride suspension, and are sealed water tight for those occasional Southern California rains.

Do we provide insurance?

All licensed, insured, and bonded moving companies in the State of California are required to offer Basic Valuation Insurance coverage which insures your belongings for $.60 per pound per article. This is not a lot by any means, but it is included in the price of your move. Being that every move is unique, different situations call for different solutions. 99% of our customers do not purchase additional insurance coverage beyond that. However, should you need to have protection above and beyond that your Moving Advisor can point you in the right direction, walk you through the process over the phone, and have you on your way in a few minutes. You would be required to set up your 3rd party Full Valuation coverage policy more than 3 days in advance, and you will need to provide them with a specific inventory that we will verify once we are onsite on the day of your move.

Should you do your own packing?

Packing and prepping your own belongings can be a double edged sword. On one hand, it can and does cut down your cost. We implore all of our customers to have everything packed and prepped to move with all dressers, all drawers, and misc items be packed into industry standard sized boxes. We also require that all boxes be sealed with tape on the top and the bottom to keep the box shape sturdy. On the other hand, if you are not able to make the necessary time it takes to pack and prepare then this could be a potential recipe for disappointment as your move will take considerably longer to complete. And unless it has been discussed prior with your Moving Advisor, there could be a scheduling conflict that could delay your move. We take many steps to ensure that these things do not happen unnecessarily. Also, keep in mind that your boxes and packing materials should be sturdy and suitable for transit. Be mindful not to over-pack boxes or make them too heavy to ensure they do not damage while being moved as well. Should you plan to pack or partially pack your own belonging, please keep in mind that movers are not liable for any damage incurred to items that they have not had the responsibility of packing by their own hands.

What should you do about liquids, flammables, and propane tanks?

In the State of California professional movers are not allowed to take hazardous materials over the highways including detergents, liquor, compressed gases, explosives, paint, gasoline, varnishes and stains, grease, and oils.

Can you leave your clothes inside your dressers for the move?

We require that all dressers, night stands, chests, buffets, credenzas, hutches, armoires, china cabinets, curio cabinets, and anything that has contents be completely empty prior to our arrival. We realize that this poses a pain however there are several valid reasons for this approach and each of them with everyones best interest at heart. The primary reason for this is that the furniture has not been designed to be moved with all the weight inside, and it is hard on the joints of the items, as well as, the feet and legs. Secondly, in negotiating the items to and from the truck they may have to be turned in certain ways that could become an issue as those movements take place. Thirdly, should something fall out of the item while one of our movers is carrying it and it causes them to trip and fall, and possibly injure themselves, it could pose a real problem for them and we simply cannot have that. Lastly, our movers enhance peoples’ lives every day with stress free and successful moves and it is not fair to them to break their backs with over-heavy, full furniture, when only a few minutes of preparation could complete the task.

What should you do about your appliances and electronics?

Though we do have the tools and the knowledge enough to handle the task, we are not allowed to as the liability would not be covered unless we were providing Packing Services. We recommend disconnecting all gas lines, cables, hoses, and vents from your washer and dryer, disconnect water from the refrigerator, all at least 1 day prior to moving day. This will ensure that if there are any issues with them that you will not be caught on the spot in the middle of your move having to deal with flooding or leaking gas. If you are not able to perform these tasks on your own we suggest consulting your local utilities company to set up an appointment for no less than 1 day prior to your move. These steps will help pave the way for a safe and successful moving day.

How do we calculate our moving rates?

We start the clock when we arrive at your door and end it when the move is complete to your expectation and satisfaction. We typically have a 3 or 4 hour minimum with a nominal flat rate for fuel fee. Once a move has exceeded the minimum then the time will proceed in 15 minute increments at the same hourly rate. Should there be any type of stop between locations it will be discussed with you prior to doing so and will not reflect on your bill.

Why should you hire San Diego movers?

Hiring professional movers can be chocked full of value. The time and effort it takes to pack and move all your belongings is typically quite a bear of a task. Most of the time it will take much more effort, many more hours, and multiple trips in either your car, a friends truck, or even a rental truck. Furthermore, rental trucks do not come with the luxury of having all the equipment, wrap, and moving blankets in them and often will leave your items in compromising scenarios as you may not be able to adequately protect and secure them. It is easy to underestimate the risks and costs with doing it yourself which is why it makes sense to hire professionals.

Worth noting, as well, is rental truck companies will have an attractive cost advertised and at first glance it appears to be a better deal but when broken down once the move is complete, the cost is really not that much less for the rental alone. Also, fuel, insurance, tolls, mileage, parking tickets, environmental fees, and taxes can quickly add up thereby easily exceeding the cost of hiring professional movers. The right professional movers in San Diego that is.