Choosing A Moving Company

Choosing Local San Diego Movers

Moving CompanyDeciding on a moving company to have move your entire life can be nerve-racking to say the least. Having a safe, efficient, and cost effective move for you is very important to us. Whether Aloha Movers is a good fit for your project or not will be determined by one of our Moving Advisors and we only want what is going to be best for you. That being said, use caution and be diligent when hiring San Diego movers.


Ask friends and family first

We think a “friends and family first” approach is the best way to go. Then, consider the manager or maintenance person of your complex or building. Recommendations are always the best, first-course of action. Have they used any local moving company to move in the past? How was their experience? What was their pricing structure like? Was there anything that stood out about movers they used? Nowadays, a simple web search will reveal there are no shortages of reviews on moving companies throughout the country. Take a look at what people are saying about any of the companies you are considering using. Then, start to create a list of the best looking options.

Moving companies should intake all inventory and notes

The details of a move are extremely important. Any moving company you choose should want to have a clear understanding of your move from beginning to end. If they are not asking lots of questions about the specific details, then you could be set up for disaster. Nobody likes surprises. Especially surprises like having your move cost twice as much in the end because they underestimated the different aspects of your move. If you are not comfortable with the interview process, call around and find another mover who wants to notate all of the details.

Get multiple estimates and compare value

When it comes to price, remember that cheaper is not always better. Some are hourly services such as ours and others do a flat rate. Both have their respective advantages however in California 95% of all local moving companies charge by the hour. For this reason, you should always give an accurate and complete inventory to your Moving Advisor. If they aren’t asking you for it, and are just giving you a random price, you should beware. There is always a chance that your move could go over the estimated amount, so it is best to be 100% open about the different obstacles, as well as, your inventory.

Are they licensed, insured, and bonded?

This is a very important thing and is the defining factor on what separates the men from the boys. There are a ton of moving companies out there, they all talk a great game, but most of them are unscrupulous at best. So doing your due diligence on them is always the best idea. Make sure you read our article about making sure a moving company is legitimate. Craigslist has a host “moving companies” listed on their website and some of them, to the unsuspecting user, seem legitimate. Most of them are, in fact, not. Moving in California is regulated by the Public Utilities Commission and requires a certain level of operation to be legitimate. Most Craigslist-found companies will be able to offer a cut-rate price because they don’t have authority to operate, and therefore have no accountability, should a problem arise during your move. For these reasons it is always best to make sure you have a properly licensed, insured, and bonded moving company. And though their rates are not all that much higher, you can have some piece of mind knowing that there is an accountable company performing your move. However, keep in mind that just because a company has gone through the necessary channels to operate does not mean that they are reputable. You will always want to use discernment when looking at the different options.

Appearance and professionalism matter

When speaking with your potential moving company you want to be able to feel comfortable with their professionalism on the telephone. Go with your gut. If they are responsive and follow through with expectations that are set then usually this is a good thing to go on. You will want to be able to trust them as you are having them into your most intimate of domains, your home.

What skill-set and training do their staff have?

True experienced San Diego movers and Moving Advisors will be able to foresee and avoid potential pitfalls. If a company is reputable they will have spent lots of time training their staff for safety, efficiency, and customer service.

Hire local San Diego movers only

Be sure whichever company you are considering for a local San Diego move is San Diego based. It doesn’t matter where you are moving to, as long as you are moving from this region.

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