San Diego Packing Services

Packing all of your belongings can be a daunting and overwhelming task. Moving by itself is only half the battle. Contact us before you begin packing and we can provide you with direction and a concise plan of action for preparing for moving day. Whether you have your own boxes or need us to provide materials for you, we make it easy. Our Moving Professionals are trained Packers that know how to make the most of every square inch of box that your items go into. We employ all the tricks to maximize the materials used and to minimize your cost. Furthermore, your best interest is at our hearts and we will only bill you for the Packing Services used. We will buy back any extra should you have any leftovers after your pack is complete.

With over a decade of collective moving and packing experience, you can rest assured that we have covered all the bases and not cut any corners in preparing for your move. Typically, we will treat a Pack and Move project as two projects on consecutive days. We will come into your home, apartment, or condo on one day, paper wrap and pack all your clothes, books, dishes, knickknacks, storage, and garage items. Then we will pre-wrap any couches, dressers, armoires, anything with exceptionally nice finishing, or anything else that requires it, so those items will be ready for moving day.

Our Ohana

Here at Aloha Movers we understand that allowing strangers to come into your home and see your most intimate domain can be unsettling. Us being licensed, insured, and bonded will help you be at ease as you will know that only trusted, skilled, and accountable people are on your project. We will only ever use our in-house, trained, skilled labor and will never use any day-labor, or unskilled labor. We have worked in a close setting, at length, with every employee and have developed loyal relationships with each of our movers. Our camaraderie will not only impress you but will make you feel comfortable knowing that your pack is in the hands of individuals that know each other well.

Our commitment to perfection and the highest levels of service quality will shine through in every aspect of your experience with us. Simply call us or submit an inquiry through our online quote form and we will walk you through the entire process from beginning to end. Most importantly, we will treat you like Ohana.