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Encinitas Sign Encinitas is a beach city located in San Diego county. It has a population of just under 60,000 and is known for growing ornamental flowers. Encinitas was incorporated in 1968 after a majority vote. In spanish it means, “little oaks”. It can be divided into 5 different areas, Old Encinitas, New Encinitas, Olivenhain, Luecadia, and Cardiff-by-the-Sea.Having a mild, Mediterranean climate makes it a very desirable place to move to. It’s also home to several great schools and neighborhoods. With 5 suburbs in 20 square miles there are several places to move to. Whether you are moving in or out or maybe just from one suburb to another, give Aloha Movers a call so we can make your move an enjoyable one.Swami's sign

From the very start of your move, Aloha movers will take care of every detail. We shrink-wrap every piece of furniture to keep it clean and extra protected on its way to and from the truck. While in the truck, every piece gets a heavy duty moving blanket on it as well as the plastic wrap. All this and our truck packing techniques ensure that all your possessions are safe during transport and arrive at your new home as good as new. When we get to your new place with the full truck, we will take the time to walk through and see exactly where you’d like all your furniture. When the truck is empty we will walk through with you again and address any concerns you may have as well as rearrange anything that might not be in the right spot. So let Aloha Movers satisfy all your moving needs and call us for your free and customized quote today.




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