Senior Moving Services

At Aloha Movers we understand there are many reasons for moving out of your home and how common in our experience, it is for seniors to eventually move out of their homes. This could be because they want to downsize their current accommodations, or because they are moving to an assisted living or senior living community. Whatever your reason, Aloha Movers specialize in moving our senior members of California, safely and professionally.

Why Seniors Choose Aloha Movers

Putting it plainly, we are one of the Top Rated Moving Services in Southern California! At Aloha Movers, not only do we treat you with the care you deserve, we also take the utmost care when handling your belongings. Our team are trained to the highest of standards and we pride ourselves in our professionalism. Our experience really does speak for itself. Reviews for Aloha Movers from our previous (and returning) customers are always glowing; you can see for yourself!

We are legitimate, licensed bonded and insured, so you know your move with us will get you safely and securely to your new home without any hiccups or stress.

We offer a free quote for your move once you have contacted us and at Aloha Movers we never charge extortionate fees for our moves. Our team of experienced senior movers will work with you to customize a package of services that meets all of your needs and is budget friendly.

What Seniors Can Expect From Aloha Movers

A stress free, friendly and professional move. One that is catered to you and your needs. From the moment you receive your quote to settling into your new home, you can bet that Aloha Movers will be there for you.

Safety First for Seniors on the Move

During a move, it’s important to put your mind at ease knowing the moving company you’re using are legitimate, which we certainly are. Aloha Movers are licensed, bonded and insured. So you know your move with us will get you safely and securely to your new home without any hiccups. Safety and security is a concern to our customers, especially when moving seniors. That’s why all of our team wear the official Aloha Movers branded uniform and are professionally trained and genuinely helpful. We have our customer service team available via phone or email at all times during your phone if you have any queries or concerns.

The team at Aloha Movers genuinely value your safety and so we offer a packing and unpacking service that would be perfect for reducing any risk of seniors getting hurt when packing up tricky/heavy belongings.

Tips for Seniors Planning To Move

Along with our online Tips For Moving, we have a few important tips that could help seniors moving home right away.

  1. Plan wisely – and early! If you have been in your home for a very long time, it can be even more intimidating. Naturally, you will need to sort through a lifetime’s worth of items. List making is always helpful. Make a list of what you’re taking with you, what will go to charity or friends and family, and what should be thrown out. We have a handy checklist if you want an idea of where to get started.
  2. Consider your space. Understand just how much space you will have at your new home. From experience we know that many seniors are downsizing into smaller homes, meaning you may not have room for all of your current belongings hiding in the attic, or your larger items of furniture. Have an idea of what will go where in your new space, and think about what you might no longer need.
  3. Give away what you no longer need. Sometimes we place sentimental value onto things and hold on to them for a lot longer than we need to. It’s only human. When you’re moving to smaller accommodations, the best thing to do with these useful but unused items is to give them away to charity or to friends and family. Let these items spark joy for someone else important to you.
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! We’re all human, and no one expects you to move house all by yourself. Reach out to friends and family or us at Aloha Movers to get the help you need to manage and sort your items.

For more information on our senior moving services, please feel free to contact us, or request a free quote today. Let us show you why Aloha Movers are the only choice of movers for our valued Seniors moving home!

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