San Diego Storage Movers

We are here to help you move into or out of any storage unit. If you need help moving into or out of a San Diego storage unit, call Aloha Movers. Aloha Movers is a local San Diego moving company that has provided storage and moving services for over 20 years. Our professional San Diego movers are well trained to properly move your belongings so they will be effectively stored in your San Diego storage unit in order to protect your valuables, maximize space inside your storage unit, and provide easy access to the items you will need to retrieve while in storage.

Storage Movers Will Move You into Any Storage You Choose

Aloha Movers will move your belongings into any storage unit in San Diego. You pick the San Diego storage unit that best fits your needs and we will move you in or out of storage.

Self Storage Recommendation

Having been in the moving industry for years, we’ve helped a lot of customers move in and out of storage facilities. With all of that experience, we highly recommend any Price Self Storage location. Their price is fair and their facilities are the best around with plenty of drive up units.

San Diego Storage Movers Tips on Self-Storage Sizes

When moving into self storage San Diego, people have many different reasons as to why they need self storage and
for how long. Some people just need a temporary place to put their belongings while others have long term storage needs.

Depending on your storage requirements, there are many different types of San Diego Storage units to chose from including; self storage San Diego, mini storage, vault storage and San Diego portable storage units. Once you have selected the right self storage unit to fit your needs, Discount Movers will help you pack, load and move you into your San Diego storage unit.

San Diego Self Storage Rental Guidelines for Choosing the Correct Size
(Check with your provider as they vary slightly)

5×10 Self Storage Unit
This San Diego self-service storage unit would fit the contents of a large walk-in closet. Contents
might include a sofa, chair, bedroom set, boxes and misc items. Ideal for a studio apartment.

10×10 Self Storage Unit
This storage unit is about the size of a small bedroom and will hold the furniture (excluding major appliances) from a one-bedroom apartment.

10×15 Self Storage Unit
This storage unit could hold the contents of a two-bedroom apartment.

10×20 Self Storage Unit
This storage unit is a similar size to a one-car garage. It’s big enough for furniture, appliances, and personal items from a two-bedroom house.

10×30-Self Storage Unit
This storage unit could hold the contents of a three-bedroom house.

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