Tips For Moving Your Small Business

When considering small business movers, Aloha Movers are the smart choice. At Aloha we have a wealth of experience as small business movers. With all our experience we have come up with these 5 top tips you may not have considered, to help you have a seamless move.

01. Forward Planning is Key

As with any move, planning as much in advance is essential in ensuring a seamless move and will help decrease the time your business is down. Thereby cutting unnecessary costs! At Aloha Movers we operate by the 5 P’s Principle; Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

  • Document everything. Keep lists of all your items; items getting lost or misplaced can cause trouble for your small business in the long run.
  • Create a moving timeline of essential dates/times etc and share with your employees and colleagues.
  • Plan your packing.
  • Book your business movers well ahead of time and research their reviews well. Aloha Movers have nothing but fantastic reviews.

02. Packing and Labelling

As previously mentioned, packing is obviously vital to your move. Packing as soon as you can ahead of time will alleviate a lot of stress in the long run. Remember that getting a hold of reliable packing materials can take time. Labelling your items/boxes is also a great way of speeding up the moving process, as it indicates to your movers what your items are and where to unpack them in your new office.

The packing process can be a lot of work, that’s why at Aloha Movers we offer a premium packing service where we take care of all the stress for you!

03. Consider Your Essential Items

Whether downsizing or growing your small business you may want to consider getting rid of any items you no longer need when moving premises. Old computers or unused furniture can take up valuable space and moving time. Selling these items helps add to your moving pot! Or even better, consider donating to a registered charity and get a well deserved tax break. Moving into your new premises with a fresh start can be a motivating feeling for you and your employees. You may want to consider purchasing new furniture that matches your new office and its layout.

04. Cancel Bills

Its easy to forget in the run up to your move to take care of your utilities but don’t make the easy mistake and miss out on precious dollars you can use elsewhere! You may even be transferring your utilities to your new location. Make sure you have the correct dates and new location confirmed with the companies to ensure a seamless move.

05. Create Your New Office Layout

Think about drawing a birds eye view map of where you want furniture to be in your new office space! Make several copies and make sure to give one to your movers in advance. Also when labelling items you may want to write which room they are to be unpacked in. This will allow the movers to unpack and place your items in their desired space, thereby saving you time. After all, you know better than most that Time Equals Money!

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At Aloha Movers we understand the importance of having a flawless moving experience for you and your small business, minimizing costs with maximum efficiency. That is why we are the only expert choice when it comes to being your small business movers. Contact Aloha Movers today for our comprehensive business moving service and a free moving quotation.

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